Box and drum technique

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Box and drum technique.

Then you can know some of the technical elements to perceive your drum or box redoubling. You can find kind of times, rhythmic figures and their equivalences.

When we talk about how to perceive the drum we find two types of hitting the Tap and the Full. The full time is that strong blow, so, it will start and end on top of the drum. We can do it by raising the drumstick through the bounce and we will turn the wrist at the beginning and at the end of this time. On the other hand, we have the Tap time that that loose blow. In this touch, the drumstick will be close to the drum.
Always when we perform once, we are already preparing the next time.

Rhythmic figures and their equivalences.

When we talk about rhythmic figures we talk about white, black, eighth, half-eighth, silence among others.
We will start with the black figure, it is the one that maintains the pulsation or rhythm. This is worth a while. A clear example is the rhythm we set with our feet when we walk.
For another band we have white, in this figure it is equivalent to two times. This means that we will chop once every two times.
The eighth note equals part time. This means that each black or pulsation we will sting twice in that space of time.
On the other hand we have the sixteenth notes that are worth ¼ of times. In this way, in one pulse or time we will chop four beats to our drum or box.
Finally, we will talk about the silences we have of white (2 times), black (1 time), eighth notes (1/2 times) or sixteenth notes (1/4 of time). In silence we will not chop anything and it will last depends on the figure.

The accents.

Accents are those that sound louder and are involved in a way that emphasizes interpretation.
By accentuating the note we have two possibilities:
1. Chopping the membrane from a greater distance. Either, raising the drumstick more with the wrist or arm.
2. Maintaining the height, but increasing the pressure exerted on the wrist on the movement of the drumstick.

We hope this article will help and improve your knowledge towards percussion.

Maracuya Batucada Barcelona in Operación Triunfo

Maracuya Batucada Barcelona in Operación Triunfo 150 150 Fran

Maracuyá Batucada Barcelona, together with the group of dancers from Samba, attend the Gala 11 of Operación Triunfo on Monday, January 15, as a Gala opening in pure Brazilian style.

The performance consisted of a musical accompaniment and a staging making a festival in the purest Brazilian style. The interpreted theme was Tropical Country interpreted by the contestants of the Operación Triunfo academy.

As always, Maracuyá Batucada tries to make performances to the needs of our clients.

They can be: Show with Brazilian dancers, Batucada group, Batucada with winds, etc. The areas of action may be: weddings, television programs, parades, private parties, etc.

Batucada Workshops for End of Course

Batucada Workshops for End of Course 150 150 Fran

La Galeta Percussió carried out familiar Batucada workshops to boost the End of Course parties.
One more year, the Galeta percussió carried out family batucada workshops in different schools in Catalonia. The intention of the activity, is that the whole family can learn the basic notions of how to play a surdo, a box or a repenique.

The activity has a reception of 30 to more than 200 people. The instruments are of different measures so that all the assistants can carry out the activity without any type of problem.

Structure of the session: 30 minutes of assembly by the technical STAFF of the Galeta percussió.

  • 20 minutes to help the placement of the instruments to the users, distribution of sticks and clubs.
  • 10-15 min basic technique of the instrument.
  • 1 hour of rhythm and movement.
  • 30 minutes of final and disassembly.

What we will work: 1. Rhythm

2. Team work.

3. Staging and movement.

4. Basic technique for percussing the instrument.

The objectives are: learn to play in a batucada, have a good time with your family, play an instrument in a fun and participative way.

Batucada al Juliol and Setembre workshops

Batucada al Juliol and Setembre workshops 150 150 Fran

Batucada activities in Barcelona for all ages.
It is not necessary to have instruments, we take care of them.
La Galeta percussió we are a team with more than 10 years of experience in the world of music and free time in schools. Our main objective is for the public to enjoy our activities.

The Percussion Galeta performs percussion workshops where we find 3 different groups.

Group of children: Group of children where we will work the rhythm, staging and work dynamics of play and rhythm to enjoy a more entertaining day. The great objectives, is to develop in the world of music. Improves their learning and starts in the world of the art of music in the street, so to start working as a team, musical and be part of a group.

Duration: 1 hour

Material: Comfortable clothes (ex: tracksuit, etc)

Place: Casal Congres Indians

Carrer Manigua, 08027, Barcelona

Day and time: Wednesday from 18 to 19 hours.

Recommended age from 5 years.

Family group: Group where members of all ages can participate. With a family audience with children. We will work the rhythm, staging, musical expression.

Duration: 1 hour

Material: Steals comfortable (ex: tracksuit, etc)

Place: Casal Congres Indians

Carrer Manigua, 08027, Barcelona

Day and time: Wednesday from 7 pm to 8 pm

Recommended age from 5 years. If the relatives are responsible, they can be from 3 years.

Adult group: Group only adult where the rhythm is worked, staged with the idea of ​​creating a percussion group or learn new things for the group. On the other hand, we will also work a choreographic part.

Duration: 1 hour

Material: Comfortable clothes (example: tracksuit, etc)

Place: To be specified

Day and time: Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

All the courses at the end of the month of September, we will perform an action to show our knowledge.

* There may be group changes, schedules depending on the needs of the group.

Home Registration: June 1

Final Registration: June 26

Discounts if you join in a group!

Not familiar: 2 members: 20%

Family: 2 members 30% discount (only in family mode)

3 members 40% discount.

Do not hesitate to request information of interest. We are open to new suggestions.

Batucada for the Three Wise Men with the Percussion Galeta.

Batucada for the Three Wise Men with the Percussion Galeta. 150 150 Fran

Batucada for the Three Wise Men with the Percussion Galeta. Music, work and much enthusiasm due to the work of our groups.

Even Christmas, our associated groups work to rhythm the parades and parades of the Kings and their Carters.

We will start on January 3 at Massades Square (Sagrera) with the Batulaia where all children who want to deliver the letter to the royal postman, will have the opportunity. They will also be able to enjoy music and activities for the little ones, to spend an entertaining afternoon.

As a fifth year, a group of young people with a lot of rocks will mark the rhythm of the cavalcade of the kings of Llefià (Badalona). Last year they did so well, that even the Wise Men started dancing with them at the beat of Batucada. Yes, the Magi dancing with their rhythms!

Also as usual, we will be at the Cavalcade of Horta-Guinardó accompanying His Majesty the King Baltasar. We hope you like them as much as last year and leave us the same gifts as last year. We will be with adult adults in the school with more canine of Horta, while the children fill the streets of confetti and disbaux.

In the Indians ses Majestats Congress district we have also asked for music and how could it be possible, there will be Llull’s shopkeepers. A place where we expect girls and boys to wait us with their lamps so that the Kings can see them.

Last but not least, Maracuya Batucada Barcelona did not want to miss this holiday and will try to get started in other parts of Catalonia.

Both Xaranga version and Batucada pro version, await us at: Calaf, Sant Esteve de Sesrovires and Santa Coloma de Farners. Xaranga can be found in Sant Esteve and Batucada can be found in Santa Coloma de Farners and Calaf.

So you can find us at several points with Batucada and percussion in Catalonia!

Maracuya Batucada Barcelona at the halls of Reis

Maracuya Batucada Barcelona at the halls of Reis 150 150 Fran


Maracuya Batucada Barcelona at the halls of Reis de Calaf, Santa Coloma de Farners and Sant Esteve de Sesrrovires.

Our percussion company prepares various shows of music, dance, light and more danceable than ever.

Like Marcuya Batucada Barcelona has been marking the rhythm of the festival for more than 4 years, with a training of 8 professional musicians with the show: “Maracuya Batucada Pro.” A show where we will accompany our Majesties the Three Wise Men of the East, where, with the collaboration of fire juggling, we will mark the path of the street and make a magical night for adults and children.

This year our Xaranga Maracuya, which will come with great force, has not wanted to miss the Rua. The Kings will also pass through Sant Esteve de Sesrovires!

We will receive a very musical reception with our group of trumpets and batucada, where surely with the sound of our drink they will leave many gifts to the children and children of Sant Esteve.

As a special event and we customize all kinds of events, we will also make a special repertoire. The repertoire will be from the most well-known themes such as Brazil, Fireball, Mohicano, Ventanita del amor, etc. On the other hand, we will make special topics for the occasion as they may be: “the Kings Magos”, “bell on bell” or other Christmas classics are already coming.

Since several years ago, we have not wanted to miss the Cavalcade of Kings of Calaf.

Our beloved poor region of L’Anoia will once again vibrate in the sound of our percussion group where they will do, the reception, the rua and a small spectacle on leaving the Kings of the Church.

At approximately 18 hours, the streets will be filled with music, magic, show where our main characters will be the children.

If you still do not know which stretch you want to go see the Kings, we look forward to any of the three sides.

Do not say anything, but they told us that this year they will come full of gifts and surprises for all the boys and girls.

Maybe someone has a drum and can accompany us.

Percussion workshops on carnival

Percussion workshops on carnival 2048 1360 Fran


Percussion workshops on carnival.

La Galeta percussion prepares batucada workshops for those schools that want to animate the festival at the timbale rhythm.

We present an activity for a group of between 20 and 30 students where they will have the opportunity to play an instrument and do the Carnival parade.

The workshop that we present, is 3 hours of training days before the Carnival celebration of the school, neighborhood or village.

La Galeta percussion has more than 200 instruments, although if they have to leave, a group of about 20-30 students is recommended.

Depending on the number of attendees there will be more or less monitoring or now it will make a group breakdown for optimal attention.

What will be done in the training workshop?

Knowledge of the various typical instruments of batucada or tuna.

Learn to browse the different instruments with a basic technique.

Learn basic rhythms to be able to participate in the carnival rua. The rhythms will be of Latin root, autochthonous, etc.

We have experience with more than 20 schools performing extracurricular activities in a continuous way.

Make some basic choreographies that will be better and more visually appealing.


What are we working on?

The coordination


The rhythm

Cooperative work



What material will the percussion cookie bring?


Complements such as: dowries, dowels, protective cushions, etc.

Qualified monitors to perform the activity.


What material or space should the school provide?

Toilet paper or toilet paper (It is not mandatory, it is recommended).

Room a bit big like for example: dining room, gym, room of events. The most important part is that it can not disturb the next classes.


Aspects to keep in mind:

-If they perform, students must be able to hold the instrument during the tour.

-If the course is not carried out, age does not matter, but if it is done, it is recommended that you are students from 3rd grade.


Join your party with more rhythm!

Origins of the Batucada

Origins of the Batucada 1328 747 Fran

The origins of it Batucada

The origin of it Batucada belongs at the African cultures where always there was formations of drums for popular festivities. The word batucada at if, ascribes at a born religion in the Brazil derivative of the Yorubas, it “batuque”. This form of organisation is born of persons that are immersed at ambient where the musician is all around like a ritual for the gods. It Batucada At difference of the ritual musician, is not totally bound at a tradition or religious culture, but sooner at a form of typical musical expression of the Brazil, utilised at some occasion to form part of the orchestra songs with mythic and divine motive, and with the samba complicate. The liberty of these musical formations has permitted the utilisation of more musical instruments modern, for like this perfect the musical bells and facilitate the maintenance of them (afinació, reparation, comfort at having of being taken at cercaviles, etc.). Also it has permitted the creation of a lot of original styles and variants of the same thanks to that maintaining a structure base, can invent and improvise with ease. It Batucada Has in the Brazil three big fonts that are: The samba, it Maracatú and the Samba Reggae among others. At his same time, can find manifestations of these folklores at very a lot of cities of the Brazil and everybody. There are three Brazilian cities that contribute new musical creations by the year and during the carnivals: Rio de Janeiro, where find rhythm samba; Salvador of Bay, where takes at dig the Samba Reggae, and Recife, where finds it Maracatú.

Expansion Of it Batucada

It Batucada has had his maximum expansion in the Brazil, where form batucadas with more of 3000 percussionists for example it Sambodromo of the Brazil and his respective dancers/ is, so that it batucada Brazilian is the prototype of Batucadas of the actuality that can view for Europa. Any of the blocos more met in the Brazil are: Olodum, Monobloco, among others. At Barcelona has the first origins with the groups: Escola of Samba and Percudium. The year 1996 still there was not many of the instruments that there is at the actuality at the musical shops.

Batucada for correbares

Batucada for correbares 4272 2809 Fran

Batucada for Correbars. Musical shows with percussion, winds or xanquers.

Maracuya Batucada Barcelona, offers several options to do the best cercatasques that you can find at all the populace.
We commission us of continuum and give you different options to do a full only event of rhythm, musician, colour and entertainment.

At continuation give you several options:

Batucada Maracuya pro

The purpose of the percussive group is to do enjoy at the public of all the ages, living an only experience of an elegant form with the big batucada at Barcelona. Our sphere of performance is: batucada for main parties, batucada for weddings, batucada for private parties, batucada for fairs, batucada for discotheque, among of others.

Our experience at the percussion of the streets of does month of 10 years with which thing, customise quite a lot of cadascuna of our performances.

We have a big trajectory, it has done us touch at television programs and Operación Triunfoand displace us nationally and European, meeting at a public and at the big squads that have done us grow so much personal and professionally.

Fanfare with batucada.

That it do not pause the party of fanfare with Batucada! It dances at rhythm of our band of trumpets and batucada the most ongoing motifs and classics more met. With a wide repertory and the experience at cercaviles, correbars and other records. Professional musicians will do that you can not pause to dance and sing with us.
Formations to size, with a minimum of 4 trumpets / trombones and 6 percussionists, although the formation can be magnified
The aim? Pass it well and warm at the one hundred percent his celebration.
Our Fanfare at company of Maracuya Batucada, offers intensity, interaction with the assistants, resistance causes of his trajectory of more of 8 years as a band, and therefore same is a big option to enjoy of one scrapes experience with our professional musicians.

Among our performances of batucada with winds, are Corsican of the Barceloneta, cercatasques, main parties, birthday parties, which thing has taken us at seizing experience at several spheres.

Batucada With Xanquer

That it commence the party! The best way to commence a party or dinamitzar an event is with our xanquers with batucada. Our xanquer, dinamitzés the party at small and elders, also ploughs to move you at rhythm of our batucadaMaracujà my canyera.

Besides we have of several wardrobes, always the more accord for the occasion. The xanquers count , with a long trajectory at the world of the animation already was at main parties, discotheques, cercaviles varied.

Through the rhythm of our batucada Maracujà, these xanquers will do to interact at the public, will do to dance at big and small.

The xanquers with batucada have of several wardrobes of accord with the themed of the act for example, playero, boxer, pirate, etc.
The perfect animation for boys, which have the opportunity to pass among the legs of the xanquer, dance at rhythm that marks us our xanquer.

A font of energy for big and small that our xanquer and batucada will do you live.
Ara have the opportunity to hire out us and share rhythm, joy and power enjoy of a party of confeti.

This show will offer you some cercaviles of colour and rhythm so much in the daytime how at night because of a possible incorporation of illumination is his show.

We aid you? It contacts with us.

Who is the Cia, La Galeta Percussió and what do we offer?

Who is the Cia, La Galeta Percussió and what do we offer? 1920 1920 Fran

La Galeta percussion offers two big services at the community: The formative part and, on the other hand, the part of shows.

Who are?

The Cookie Percussion is a squad with a big dedication and esteem for the percussion. With more of ten years of experience at this sector, now want to go a step further like a percussive group, a step to transmit continuum what have learnt during this long voyage.

To spread the percussion for the streets through school activities, marriages, percussive groups or companies that want to amuse.
Always seeking new metes, like going at the carnival of the school, at the parties of the neighbourhood or even at creating a day entertained out of the work. Our company has realised events for the peninsula and countries like Italy, Frace, etc. On the other hand, have done collaborations at Television programs how: Operation Triumph or the number one.

That offer?


Batucada Maracuya PRO

Group of Batucada fact at measure for the occasion with a formation of 5 at 15 musicians. With a visual show and with Brazilian and Latin rhythms which will not be able to for to move you.
Video at the following link:

Batucada with Xanquer

Our percussive group has of different personages on Xanques. The xanquer will do you move at rhythm of our musician aside, interacts with big and small. Gran energy, colour and movement
Video at the following there:

Fanfare Maracuya: Group formed by winds (trumpets and trombones) with a formation of Batucada. The musical proportion will go at relation with the winds that have. This formation, ideal for fairs, correbares, among many others. The group has of a classical repertory of pachanguero, until motifs more sounded at the actuality.
Video at the following link:

Percussion with LED

Show of percussionists samurai among other personages with some full carts of percussive instruments. Percussive show with lights of colours.

Batucada With Brazilian dancer

Our group of Batucadahas of an or my dancers of Bay (the Brazil). They will teach you at dancing at rhythm of our percussion. With the typical garments of the Sambodromo of the Brazil, will enjoy of the authentic carnival of the Brazil.
Video at the following link:


At this percussive seminary, impart of participatory form and ludic the basic notions of the batucada, shows the organisation of a percussive group, developing the values of the work at squad, the cooperation, the leadership, the act superaction, among other inherent aspects at this activity.
We have of more of 300 instruments to realise the activity.

Contacts with us and aid you at your next event.