Batucada Workshops for End of Course

Batucada Workshops for End of Course

Batucada Workshops for End of Course 150 150 Fran

La Galeta Percussió carried out familiar Batucada workshops to boost the End of Course parties.
One more year, the Galeta percussió carried out family batucada workshops in different schools in Catalonia. The intention of the activity, is that the whole family can learn the basic notions of how to play a surdo, a box or a repenique.

The activity has a reception of 30 to more than 200 people. The instruments are of different measures so that all the assistants can carry out the activity without any type of problem.

Structure of the session: 30 minutes of assembly by the technical STAFF of the Galeta percussió.

  • 20 minutes to help the placement of the instruments to the users, distribution of sticks and clubs.
  • 10-15 min basic technique of the instrument.
  • 1 hour of rhythm and movement.
  • 30 minutes of final and disassembly.

What we will work: 1. Rhythm

2. Team work.

3. Staging and movement.

4. Basic technique for percussing the instrument.

The objectives are: learn to play in a batucada, have a good time with your family, play an instrument in a fun and participative way.