Learn Batucada in Barcelona

Learn Batucada with us

La Galeta Percussió, has an open Batucada workshop where everyone interested, will have the opportunity to learn and belong to a Batucada group.

After the success of the month of November and December, we want to take a step further and deepen our knowledge about the different rhythms that are Latin, Brazilian or native.

What are we working on in these sessions?

-Notions of how to browse a typical batucada instrument.
– Convey music through our rhythms and movements.
-Trape the movement with the instrument.
– Work in a team in a dynamic way.
-To learn to participate in some sporadic performance (once we have a consolidated musical base).

What instruments do we find in this batucada group?

Surdos (3 voices), repique, box, tamborim, agogo and other typical instruments of Batucada. Which will be distributed depending on the needs of the group. Even so over time, you will have the opportunity to learn several instruments and stay with the one you are most comfortable with.


Learn to play a typical instrument of Brazilian origin, make new friends in the world of percussion, know how to act in front of the audience, work on musical memory, cooperative work, among many others.

Some of the benefits of music.

The idea is to make a group and adjust to the level and needs of each assistant.

Come try a day! We wait for you!