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Workshops, events and activities of teambuilding of batucada for companies.

The Batucada Teambuilding, consists of a punctual workshop where its components begin within the world of percussion specially designed to offer events for unique companies. With a series of rhythms of Batucada and very simple techniques in which he will actively participate to all attendees.

The great objective of the batucada teambuildings for companies that we offer, is to make an entertaining day for the teams, whether at lunch, dinner or meetings, or just have a good time with colleagues and co-workers and leave the area of job.

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Multisectoral experience

Teambuilding for all types of companies!

They will show all their creativity, and the need to synchronize really well, as the best of the teams.

They will generate a moment of great energy and connection involving each department in the percussion and the most daring movements.

They will strengthen collaboration and trust in the team by testing musical skills through instruments.

Details of our Teambuilding

The batucada team building is an ideal activity to liven up any
celebration related to the business world. But what does our proposal include?

Horaarios teambuilding batucada

Entre 1-2 horas

Tamaño grupos temabuilding batucada

2-500 personas

Tambor para batucada

Gran variedad de instrumentos

Instructor para batucada

Monitores y staff

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What is a Batucada Teambuilding?

The Batucada Teambuilding, consists of a punctual workshop where its components are initiated within the world of percussion specially designed to offer events for unique companies. With a series of Batucada rhythms and very simple techniques in which you will actively participate to all attendees.

In this percussion seminar, the basics of batucada are taught in a participatory and playful way, the organization of a percussion group is shown, developing the values ​​of teamwork, cooperation, leadership, self-improvement, among others aspects inherent to this activity.

It is not necessary, having any kind of musical knowledge provided by the participants, our professional percussionists, will guide you through the process of creating the Batucada group.

Galeta percussió has been dedicated to holding events for companies for more than 10 years. Our staff is responsible for bringing all the necessary instruments to carry out the percussion team building. An activity planned for a group of 20 to 300 people.


What goals do we set in a Team Building?

The percussion workshop consolidates the enthusiasm of the group, the disposition of teamwork, motivation, the ability to listen among members and coordinate with each other. In the team building we also work the most creative part of each of the components.

We seek to work all these values ​​in a playful, casual way, which allows workers a sense of “anti-stress” and create emotional bonds in our company.

The great objective of the percussion team building for companies is to make an entertaining day for companies, whether it be for lunch, dinner or meetings, or just have a good time with colleagues and workmates and leave the work area.

What is our philosophy of Batucada Teambuilding?

An optimal activity is one that connects us as a team, motivates us and helps us create links with the rest of the coworkers.

Through the Batucada, the company manages to transfer the message to the entire team, so that they feel the experience, without the need for long talks, this means being a dynamic activity that will attract all attendees from the first moment.

A batucada is like a company, so that it sounds good, we must be well synchronized.

How do we carry out our team building?

In the Batucada workshop, they work with different kinds of instruments (surdos, box, repenique, tamborim) which have a guide each section and thus check the importance of each of its components and the fact of being coordinated between them to get an optimal final result and that everyone expects.

The idea is that this activity is formed between approximately 20 to 300 components. Every 25 components approximately, we recommend a technician.

The different phases of our team building are:

  1. Reception with a brief percussion show by the professionals of Galeta percussió that will make us want to touch all the attendees and will make us break the ice creating a “Wow effect” to all the guests. A welcome will be made with a brief talk reinforcing the objectives that the company seeks that combines motivation and training. We will move on to the placement of the assistants to the respective instruments.

    2. We will explain the function of each instrument and function within the Batucada. We will make a series of questions and answers with the attendees. 

    3. We will create the musical base and we will be adding voices of the different assistants.
    2.surdo + cajas
    3. surdo+ cajas+ tamborim 

    4. Finally we will gather all the parts worked making a great final batucada.

    Event Features


    -Assembly dependent place (30 min to 2:30h before)
    -Activity: 1h to 1:30h 
    -Disassembly the same time as assembly.
    Type: Team Building, musical, art, percussion, Batucada, Brazilian culture
    Places: 2 to 500 assistant.

Where to hold the event?

Indoor or Outdoor Outdoor events are not carried out on public roads without corresponding permits.

Each assistant will have an instrument.
It is important to be aware of the high volume when looking for the place to do TeamBuilding.

If you are looking for an activity with guaranteed results to spend a pleasant time, this is an activity totally recommended for everyone.Cantact us.

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