Maracuyá Batucada

Maracuya Batucada

The purpose of the percussive group is to do enjoy at the public of all the ages, living an only experience of an elegant form with the big batucada at Barcelona. Our sphere of performance is: batucada for main parties, batucada for weddings, batucada for private parties, batucada for fairs, batucada for discotheque, among of others.

Our experience at the percussion of the streets of does month of 10 years with which thing, customise sufficing cadascuna of our performances.

We have a big trajectory, it has done us touch at television programs like Operación Triunfo and displace us nationally and European, meeting at a public and at the big squads that have done us grow so much personal and professionally.

Charanga Maracuyá

Trumpet formation with a reduced Batucada formation. Charanga with great power, with an updated repertoire and the best known classics.

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Batucada with Leggy

Batucada Maracuya group with a professional mosquito that interacts with young and old.

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batucada con bailarinas

Batucada with Mulatto

Authentic mulatto from Brazil (Bahia) that will move the body to the rhythm of the drums. Authentic show of Brazil. Rhythm, color, dance and much more.

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Batucada con Samurai

Batucada with Samurai

Samurai with drum drums or batucada. The drums are transported with cars which are illuminated with LED lights

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¿Shows that could hire out?

Our batucada, can go accompanied of several shows: batucada with dancers, batucada with xanquers, batucada with capoeira, batucada with winds. Knowing always that the show is guaranteed.

  • What better way to do a cercavila of animation with our batucada? It hears the vibration of our batucada and warm you at dancing with us. So much at the opening of the parties and at cercavila for the people. It recalls that also have of xanquers to do one fun more show and more amè.

  • Celebrates an inauguration at rhythm of our batucada, warms your big party. Our formation is at the measure of the room, place at inaugurating. Also available at formation of fanfare.

  • Enjoys of our batucada at Barcelona with your partners of work. At this show will the opportunity to have a masterly class with the squad of the Cookie percussion and can touch an instrument of batucada with us. We have of month of 200 instruments to be able to enjoy of an only experience with your partners of work.

  • Our group engages at warming your party at rhythm of samba. It was a birthday party, weddings, etc. With a formation amoldable at the necessities of your event. It contacts with us and will stay you a nice memory of that group of batucada that hired out. The formation can be of 4 in addition to 20 percussionists.

  • Give him cane at the party! It dances with your colleagues at rhythm of the authentic batucada and do not pause to move the feet. Formation to size dependent the capacity of venue. Service very common at carnival and themed Brazilians. We have the possibility to do several passes. We are a professional squad, with ganes of party.

  • Warm the party at the more small doing-interact with us, since a part of our squad works at the sector of the leisure with boys and more specifically with batucada. They Will the possibility to prove an instrument of batucada. It was for parties of finale of course, internal parties of the centre or carnival will be a nice option to do them enjoy of the party.

  • Was the opening of the party or cercaviles will be able to have our group of batucada my TOP. The sphere of performance can be very varied, inauguration, correbars, opening of the parties, among a lot of others. We have the option to do the act with Dancers of Samba, xanquers or with band of winds (fanfare). The factors that characterise us is nice rhythm, nice tuning with the public and make pleasant the party doing that you can not pause to move the feet.

  • Maracuyá Batucada, has the possibility to take xanquers, dancers or trumpets to adapt at the maximum at the necessities of the customer or of the type of show that needs. The squad of animation has a long experience at the world of the show. We aid you at focusing the show that more acosta at your always accompanied necessities of our batucada. Also we have of wardrobes or themed to go disguised of accord with the show that want to realise.

  • An as special day with a batucada super special to do dance at the grooms and guests. Our batucada directs ​​at touching so much at the start of churches / city councils, as a warming the convits Energy, magic and batucada for your wedding amused. We realise a wide repertory of batucada and songs where pose at everybody at singing and dance with us. The potency of our show scrapes at the rhythm and the force of the percussion. The potency of our musician is at the drums.

  • Our batucada has of some winds with a long experience at the world of the show and cercaviles. It dances at rhythm of the motifs my met and sings with us. Request us the more songs met and will do you dance and sing them with us.