Batucada con Zancudos

Let the party begin! The best way to start a party or energize an event is with our mosquitoes with batucada. Our mosquito, will dynamize the party to young and old, also to move to the rhythm of our batucada Maracuyá more sugar.

We also have various changing rooms, always the most appropriate for the occasion. The zancudos have a long career in the world of animation either in major parties, discos, parades.

Through the rhythm of our batucada maracuyá, these mosquitoes will interact with the public, they will make young and old dance.

The mosquitoes with batucada have different costumes according to the theme of the act, for example, beach, boxer, pirate, etc.
The perfect animation for children, which have the opportunity to pass between the legs of the mosquito, to dance to the rhythm that our mosquito marks us.

A source of energy for large and small that our mosquito and batucada will make you live.
Now you have the opportunity to hire us and share rhythm, joy and be able to enjoy a confetti party.

This show will offer you a parade of color and rhythm both day and night due to a possible incorporation of lighting is your show.


Batucada for the biggest party.
Batucada for inaugurations
Team Building and batucada
Batucada for private parties
Batucada for nightclubs
Batucada for children’s parties and schools
Batucada for patron festivities
Batucada with animation
Batucada for weddings
Charanga with batucada.
Among many others.