Batucada extracurricular school activities

After-school Batucada and Percussion

The extracurricular workshops are for a weekly session. Where is the rhythm, technique and staging work with instruments of a batucada or group of tabalers. The main objective apart from learning to play percussion, group cohesion and especially have a good time. Our school of batucada, proposes different options to form the groups for the sessions:

  • Children: we recommend groups of about 7 to 20 children, preferably of a similar age among them.
    The goal is to have a good time, where they can transmit or express feelings or sensations through percussion and develop teamwork.
  • Adults: we recommend groups of about 7 to 20 adults (parents, mothers, tiets / se and grandparents / se). The level, in this case the experience in the world of percussion, is preferable to be as balanced as possible.
    The objective is that this activity is leisure time for the adult, development of group work, meet other families of the school and have the opportunity to act in the greater celebration of the neighborhood, town and city, or other diverse actions.
  • Familiar: mixed children’s and adults’ secondary school workshop, with a recommended number of approximately 30 components.
    The objective is mainly to learn to play batucada through teamwork and the interaction of families and children.