Who is the Cia, La Galeta Percussió and what do we offer?

Who is the Cia, La Galeta Percussió and what do we offer?

Who is the Cia, La Galeta Percussió and what do we offer? 1920 1920 Fran

La Galeta percussion offers two big services at the community: The formative part and, on the other hand, the part of shows.

Who are?

The Cookie Percussion is a squad with a big dedication and esteem for the percussion. With more of ten years of experience at this sector, now want to go a step further like a percussive group, a step to transmit continuum what have learnt during this long voyage.

To spread the percussion for the streets through school activities, marriages, percussive groups or companies that want to amuse.
Always seeking new metes, like going at the carnival of the school, at the parties of the neighbourhood or even at creating a day entertained out of the work. Our company has realised events for the peninsula and countries like Italy, Frace, etc. On the other hand, have done collaborations at Television programs how: Operation Triumph or the number one.

That offer?


Batucada Maracuya PRO

Group of Batucada fact at measure for the occasion with a formation of 5 at 15 musicians. With a visual show and with Brazilian and Latin rhythms which will not be able to for to move you.
Video at the following link:

Batucada with Xanquer

Our percussive group has of different personages on Xanques. The xanquer will do you move at rhythm of our musician aside, interacts with big and small. Gran energy, colour and movement
Video at the following there:

Fanfare Maracuya: Group formed by winds (trumpets and trombones) with a formation of Batucada. The musical proportion will go at relation with the winds that have. This formation, ideal for fairs, correbares, among many others. The group has of a classical repertory of pachanguero, until motifs more sounded at the actuality.
Video at the following link:

Percussion with LED

Show of percussionists samurai among other personages with some full carts of percussive instruments. Percussive show with lights of colours.

Batucada With Brazilian dancer

Our group of Batucadahas of an or my dancers of Bay (the Brazil). They will teach you at dancing at rhythm of our percussion. With the typical garments of the Sambodromo of the Brazil, will enjoy of the authentic carnival of the Brazil.
Video at the following link:


At this percussive seminary, impart of participatory form and ludic the basic notions of the batucada, shows the organisation of a percussive group, developing the values of the work at squad, the cooperation, the leadership, the act superaction, among other inherent aspects at this activity.
We have of more of 300 instruments to realise the activity.

Contacts with us and aid you at your next event.