Batucada for correbares

Batucada for correbares

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Batucada for Correbars. Musical shows with percussion, winds or xanquers.

Maracuya Batucada Barcelona, offers several options to do the best cercatasques that you can find at all the populace.
We commission us of continuum and give you different options to do a full only event of rhythm, musician, colour and entertainment.

At continuation give you several options:

Batucada Maracuya pro

The purpose of the percussive group is to do enjoy at the public of all the ages, living an only experience of an elegant form with the big batucada at Barcelona. Our sphere of performance is: batucada for main parties, batucada for weddings, batucada for private parties, batucada for fairs, batucada for discotheque, among of others.

Our experience at the percussion of the streets of does month of 10 years with which thing, customise quite a lot of cadascuna of our performances.

We have a big trajectory, it has done us touch at television programs and Operación Triunfoand displace us nationally and European, meeting at a public and at the big squads that have done us grow so much personal and professionally.

Fanfare with batucada.

That it do not pause the party of fanfare with Batucada! It dances at rhythm of our band of trumpets and batucada the most ongoing motifs and classics more met. With a wide repertory and the experience at cercaviles, correbars and other records. Professional musicians will do that you can not pause to dance and sing with us.
Formations to size, with a minimum of 4 trumpets / trombones and 6 percussionists, although the formation can be magnified
The aim? Pass it well and warm at the one hundred percent his celebration.
Our Fanfare at company of Maracuya Batucada, offers intensity, interaction with the assistants, resistance causes of his trajectory of more of 8 years as a band, and therefore same is a big option to enjoy of one scrapes experience with our professional musicians.

Among our performances of batucada with winds, are Corsican of the Barceloneta, cercatasques, main parties, birthday parties, which thing has taken us at seizing experience at several spheres.

Batucada With Xanquer

That it commence the party! The best way to commence a party or dinamitzar an event is with our xanquers with batucada. Our xanquer, dinamitzés the party at small and elders, also ploughs to move you at rhythm of our batucadaMaracujà my canyera.

Besides we have of several wardrobes, always the more accord for the occasion. The xanquers count , with a long trajectory at the world of the animation already was at main parties, discotheques, cercaviles varied.

Through the rhythm of our batucada Maracujà, these xanquers will do to interact at the public, will do to dance at big and small.

The xanquers with batucada have of several wardrobes of accord with the themed of the act for example, playero, boxer, pirate, etc.
The perfect animation for boys, which have the opportunity to pass among the legs of the xanquer, dance at rhythm that marks us our xanquer.

A font of energy for big and small that our xanquer and batucada will do you live.
Ara have the opportunity to hire out us and share rhythm, joy and power enjoy of a party of confeti.

This show will offer you some cercaviles of colour and rhythm so much in the daytime how at night because of a possible incorporation of illumination is his show.

We aid you? It contacts with us.