Maracuya Batucada Barcelona at the halls of Reis

Maracuya Batucada Barcelona at the halls of Reis

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Maracuya Batucada Barcelona at the halls of Reis de Calaf, Santa Coloma de Farners and Sant Esteve de Sesrrovires.

Our percussion company prepares various shows of music, dance, light and more danceable than ever.

Like Marcuya Batucada Barcelona has been marking the rhythm of the festival for more than 4 years, with a training of 8 professional musicians with the show: “Maracuya Batucada Pro.” A show where we will accompany our Majesties the Three Wise Men of the East, where, with the collaboration of fire juggling, we will mark the path of the street and make a magical night for adults and children.

This year our Xaranga Maracuya, which will come with great force, has not wanted to miss the Rua. The Kings will also pass through Sant Esteve de Sesrovires!

We will receive a very musical reception with our group of trumpets and batucada, where surely with the sound of our drink they will leave many gifts to the children and children of Sant Esteve.

As a special event and we customize all kinds of events, we will also make a special repertoire. The repertoire will be from the most well-known themes such as Brazil, Fireball, Mohicano, Ventanita del amor, etc. On the other hand, we will make special topics for the occasion as they may be: “the Kings Magos”, “bell on bell” or other Christmas classics are already coming.

Since several years ago, we have not wanted to miss the Cavalcade of Kings of Calaf.

Our beloved poor region of L’Anoia will once again vibrate in the sound of our percussion group where they will do, the reception, the rua and a small spectacle on leaving the Kings of the Church.

At approximately 18 hours, the streets will be filled with music, magic, show where our main characters will be the children.

If you still do not know which stretch you want to go see the Kings, we look forward to any of the three sides.

Do not say anything, but they told us that this year they will come full of gifts and surprises for all the boys and girls.

Maybe someone has a drum and can accompany us.