Extracurricular of Batucada

Extracurricular of Batucada

Extracurricular of Batucada 1564 1564 Fran

Extracurricular of Batucada.

The activity of Batucada an activity that produces energy and aids us at: liberate tensions, work the musician through the rhythms and sounds that get.

The percussive groups are one of the best manners to work at squad and this comports us: learn an of the other, do a conjoint work which will exit a final melody among continuums, meet new friends and/or meet at the families out of the school.

The axes that characterise our percussive workshops dream: the rhythm, as a direct musical representation; the squad as a tool of cooperative work and ken of new members and work continuums at a same aim, it interculturalist through the musician sharing moments with all the ethnic groups and meeting rhythms from everywhere in the world, the art of the percussion at the street, that generates inclusion in the popular culture.

That work at a session of Batucada?

The activity of Batucada will aid at inducting or perfect the musical language of a fun form.
Through this corporal activity–kinaesthesia, will aid us at the hour to carry out the coordination with the varied rhythms, movements and melodies.
Ken of rhythmic masters of different countries already are of Latin American, different zones of the Brazil, African or autochthonous of the same zone. All these will be interpreted with Brazilian instruments (surdo, repenique, tamborim, agogó) or typical of the traditional percussion (tabal, till, bass drum).
Learn the basic technique of play each instrument and acquire the correct technician of like doing it.

Instruments to take at term the activity

The Cookie percussion have of more of 300 instruments for those schools that do not have of them. Always they will be instruments adapted to be able to take at one parade. Already it was for ages, pathologies, etc.
The ours squad, will take the instruments with a correct musical coherence, this means that they will have different type of instruments (acute, grave and half for a correct musical sense).

You warm you at doing Batucada with us?
We teach you since any level