Teambuilding of Batucada

Teambuilding of Batucada
(Corporate events)

The Batucada Teambuilding, consists of a punctual workshop where its components are initiated within the world of percussion specially designed to offer events for unique companies. With a series of Batucada rhythms and very simple techniques in which you will actively participate to all attendees. The great objective of the percussion workshop for companies, is to make an entertaining day for companies, whether at lunch, dinner or meetings, or simply have a good time with colleagues and workmates and leave the work area.

La Galeta has been dedicated to holding events for companies for more than 5 years. Our staff is responsible for bringing all the necessary instruments to carry out the activity. The idea is that this activity is formed between approximately 20 to 200 components. Every 25 components approximately, we recommend a monitor.

In this percussion seminar, the basics of batucada are taught in a participatory and playful way, the organization of a percussion group is shown, developing the values ​​of teamwork, cooperation, leadership, self-improvement, among others aspects inherent to this activity.

It is not necessary, having any kind of musical knowledge provided by the participants, our professional percussionists, will guide you through the process of creating the Batucada group.

Batucada activity can be weekly or occasional.