Percussion workshops on carnival

Percussion workshops on carnival

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Percussion workshops on carnival.

La Galeta percussion prepares batucada workshops for those schools that want to animate the festival at the timbale rhythm.

We present an activity for a group of between 20 and 30 students where they will have the opportunity to play an instrument and do the Carnival parade.

The workshop that we present, is 3 hours of training days before the Carnival celebration of the school, neighborhood or village.

La Galeta percussion has more than 200 instruments, although if they have to leave, a group of about 20-30 students is recommended.

Depending on the number of attendees there will be more or less monitoring or now it will make a group breakdown for optimal attention.

What will be done in the training workshop?

Knowledge of the various typical instruments of batucada or tuna.

Learn to browse the different instruments with a basic technique.

Learn basic rhythms to be able to participate in the carnival rua. The rhythms will be of Latin root, autochthonous, etc.

We have experience with more than 20 schools performing extracurricular activities in a continuous way.

Make some basic choreographies that will be better and more visually appealing.


What are we working on?

The coordination


The rhythm

Cooperative work



What material will the percussion cookie bring?


Complements such as: dowries, dowels, protective cushions, etc.

Qualified monitors to perform the activity.


What material or space should the school provide?

Toilet paper or toilet paper (It is not mandatory, it is recommended).

Room a bit big like for example: dining room, gym, room of events. The most important part is that it can not disturb the next classes.


Aspects to keep in mind:

-If they perform, students must be able to hold the instrument during the tour.

-If the course is not carried out, age does not matter, but if it is done, it is recommended that you are students from 3rd grade.


Join your party with more rhythm!