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Maracuya Batucada Barcelona. Percussive group and show at the street.

The percussive group Maracuyà are a squad with one magnifies trajectory at the May of the show at the street and/or of events. The ours Batucada has acted at several arenas, for example: Main Parties, wedding, rooms of parties, television programs (Operción Triunfo), cercatasques among words of others.

Our musicians with more of 10 years of experience as a percussionist, adapt at each performance depends the necessities of the customer. Some of our aims dream: do nice musician with our drums and/or band of winds, encourage at the public at tracking our rhythm, that our public spend a nice memory of the batucada, mount an only show for what request the customer, among many of others.

Maracuya Batucada, offer different shows depends the necessities of the moment.

Our shows the following:

Batucada Maracuya PRO: Group of Batucada done to size for the occasion with a formation of 5 at 15 musicians. With a visual show and with Brazilian and Latin rhythms which will not be able to pauses to move you.
Video at the following link:


Batucada with Leggy: Our percussive group has of different personages on leggy. The leggy will do you move at rhythm of our musician aside, interacts with big and small. Gran energy, colour and movement
Video at the following there:


Fanfare Maracuya: Group formed by winds (trumpets and trombones) with a formation of Batucada. The musical proportion will go at relation at the winds that have. This formation, ideal for fairs, correbars, among many of others. The group has of a classical repertory of patxanguero, until motifs more sounded at the actuality.
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Percussion with LED: Show of percussionist’s samurai among other personages with some full carts of percussive instruments. Percussive show with lights of colours.

Batucada With Brazilian dancer: Our group of Batucada has of an or my dancers of Bahia(Brazil). They will teach you at dancing at rhythm of the ours percussion. With the typical garments of the Sambodromo of Brazil, will enjoy of the authentic carnival of the Brazil.
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