Masterclass Percussió

With masterclass percussió or master class, we refer to an activity of a day or a few hours, where the first contact with percussion begins. Very simple rhythms are performed in order that everyone participated actively in the workshop.

Being a day, it is a more global class, where depending on the quorum, or two work shifts are made or there is also the possibility that the activity is taught by two monitors, so that everyone receives the necessary attention. There are no limits of monitors, now to maintain a good organization, it is recommended that every 25 or 30 participants, there has to be a monitor.

The intention of this kind of punctual workshop, is a special party for a group of friends, colleagues or family, where you can share a good time. Also to have the first contact with percussion, to create an interest and soon an activity at school, an after-school.

Many schools before proposing an extracurricular activity, in order to get as close as possible to percussion, to know if they would be interested in participating in the activity.

Do not hesitate to request information and live an experience with unique music.