Talleres de Batucada

Percussive workshops and Batucada by the month of July

Percussive workshops and Batucada by the month of July 5184 3888 Fran

Percussive workshops and Batucada by the month of July

Want to improve the technician or learn at touching another instrument? This month of July the Cookie percussion poses it to you easy.

Activities of Batucada for adults (initial level and half), activities of Batucada with boys, technician of till and repenique, workshops of batucada familiar.

Activities of Batucada for Adults (initial level)

Initiation with the percussion at which work the basic techniques to do percudir the instrument. It will induct with motifs very basic and engrescadors where enjoy of the percussion.
Also it is a course where learn at touching a new instrument.
Schedule: Monday of 19 at 20h.

Activities of Batucada for Adults( half level)

Already have kens and want to improve at touching your instrument? The Cookie does a year (that …) Working with a group adult and already commences at having an a lot of sound engrescador. The idea of this group is profunditzarmore on the different musical styles (samba deceive, samba regaee, merengue). This group requires some basic kens on the instrument.
The assays of this group are the Mondays at the 20:15 at 21:30.

Batucada For Boys

percussive Activity for boys/ of the primary. It proposes the ken and the practice of the different typical instruments of the batucada (the surdo, till, tamborim and agogo). It alternates with some musical game to do more engrescadora the session.
Time Monday or Tuesday at the 18 h (depends quorum).

Technician of Till and Repenique

Already touch some of this instrument and need to improve your technique?
We offer workshops of instrument of two baquetes with groups reduced. Brief initiation at the reading with scores and technique of like seizing a baqueta, movements of dolls and toes. Correct positions of the body.
Specific for those persons that already are at a group and want to improve.

Workshops of Batucada familiar

percussive Workshop of an hour where will learn at touching rhythms with your familiar and different families. The level adapts at the group of familiar that there is. Instruments of different sizes depends age and height.

The courses will do near of Sagrera’s metro.

We have of instruments for the assistants.

It contacts with us and reservation already your place

The origins of it Batucada

The origins of it Batucada 1328 747 Fran

The origins of it Batucada

The origin of it Batucada belongs at the African cultures where always there was formations of drums for popular festivities. The word batucada at if, ascribes at a born religion in the Brazil derivative of the Yorubas, it “batuque”. This form of organisation is born of persons that are immersed at ambient where the musician is all around like a ritual for the gods.

It Batucada At difference of the ritual musician, is not totally bound at a tradition or religious culture, but sooner at a form of typical musical expression of the Brazil, utilised at some occasion to form part of the orchestra songs with mythic and divine motive, and with the samba complicate.

The liberty of these musical formations has permitted the utilisation of more musical instruments modern, for like this perfect the musical bells and facilitate the maintenance of them (afinació, reparation, comfort at having of being taken at cercaviles, etc.). Also it has permitted the creation of a lot of original styles and variants of the same thanks to that maintaining a structure base, can invent and improvise with ease.

It Batucada Has in the Brazil three big fonts that are: The samba, it Maracatú and the Samba Reggae among others. At his same time, can find manifestations of these folklores at very a lot of cities of the Brazil and everybody. There are three Brazilian cities that contribute new musical creations by the year and during the carnivals: Rio de Janeiro, where find rhythm samba; Salvador of Bay, where takes at dig the Samba Reggae, and Recife, where finds it Maracatú.

Expansion Of it Batucada

It Batucada has had his maximum expansion in the Brazil, where form batucadas with more of 3000 percussionists for example it Sambodromo of the Brazil and his respective dancers/ is, so that it batucada Brazilian is the prototype of Batucadas of the actuality that can view for Europa.

Any of the blocos more met in the Brazil are: Olodum, Monobloco, among others. At Barcelona has the first origins with the groups: Escola of Samba and Percudium. The year 1996 still there was not many of the instruments that there is at the actuality at the musical shops

Batucada for the Three Wise Men with the Percussion Galeta. Music, work and much enthusiasm due to the work of our groups.

Batucada for the Three Wise Men with the Percussion Galeta. Music, work and much enthusiasm due to the work of our groups. 583 960 Fran

Batucada for the Three Wise Men with the Percussion Galeta. Music, work and much enthusiasm due to the work of our groups.

Even Christmas, our associated groups work to rhythm the parades and parades of the Kings and their Carters.

We will start on January 3 at Massades Square (Sagrera) with the Batulaia where all children who want to deliver the letter to the royal postman, will have the opportunity. They will also be able to enjoy music and activities for the little ones, to spend an entertaining afternoon.

As a fifth year, a group of young people with a lot of rocks will mark the rhythm of the cavalcade of the kings of Llefià (Badalona). Last year they did so well, that even the Wise Men started dancing with them at the beat of Batucada. Yes, the Magi dancing with their rhythms!

Also as usual, we will be at the Cavalcade of Horta-Guinardó accompanying His Majesty the King Baltasar. We hope you like them as much as last year and leave us the same gifts as last year. We will be with adult adults in the school with more canine of Horta, while the children fill the streets of confetti and disbaux.

In the Indians ses Majestats Congress district we have also asked for music and how could it be possible, there will be Llull’s shopkeepers. A place where we expect girls and boys to wait us with their lamps so that the Kings can see them.

Last but not least, Maracuya Batucada Barcelona did not want to miss this holiday and will try to get started in other parts of Catalonia.

Both Xaranga version and Batucada pro version, await us at: Calaf, Sant Esteve de Sesrovires and Santa Coloma de Farners. Xaranga can be found in Sant Esteve and Batucada can be found in Santa Coloma de Farners and Calaf.

So you can find us at several points with Batucada and percussion in Catalonia!

Batucada Workshops in July and September

Batucada Workshops in July and September 1080 1080 Fran

Batucada activities in Barcelona for all ages.
It is not necessary to have instruments, we take care of them.
La Galeta percussió we are a team with more than 10 years of experience in the world of music and free time in schools. Our main objective is for the public to enjoy our activities.

The Percussion Galeta performs percussion workshops where we find 3 different groups.

Group of children: Group of children where we will work the rhythm, staging and work dynamics of play and rhythm to enjoy a more entertaining day. The great objectives, is to develop in the world of music. Improves their learning and starts in the world of the art of music in the street, so to start working as a team, musical and be part of a group.

Duration: 1 hour

Material: Comfortable clothes (ex: tracksuit, etc)

Place: Casal Congres Indians

Carrer Manigua, 08027, Barcelona

Day and time: Wednesday from 18 to 19 hours.

Recommended age from 5 years.

Family group: Group where members of all ages can participate. With a family audience with children. We will work the rhythm, staging, musical expression.

Duration: 1 hour

Material: Steals comfortable (ex: tracksuit, etc)

Place: Casal Congres Indians

Carrer Manigua, 08027, Barcelona

Day and time: Wednesday from 7 pm to 8 pm

Recommended age from 5 years. If the relatives are responsible, they can be from 3 years.

Adult group: Group only adult where the rhythm is worked, staged with the idea of ​​creating a percussion group or learn new things for the group. On the other hand, we will also work a choreographic part.

Duration: 1 hour

Material: Comfortable clothes (example: tracksuit, etc)

Place: To be specified

Day and time: Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

All the courses at the end of the month of September, we will perform an action to show our knowledge.

* There may be group changes, schedules depending on the needs of the group.

Home Registration: June 1

Final Registration: June 26

Discounts if you join in a group!

Not familiar: 2 members: 20%

Family: 2 members 30% discount (only in family mode)

3 members 40% discount.

Do not hesitate to request information of interest. We are open to new suggestions.

Batucada workshops for the end of the course

Batucada workshops for the end of the course 1000 1000 Fran

La Galeta Percussió carried out familiar Batucada workshops to boost the End of Course parties.
One more year, the Galeta percussió carried out family batucada workshops in different schools in Catalonia. The intention of the activity, is that the whole family can learn the basic notions of how to play a surdo, a box or a repenique.

The activity has a reception of 30 to more than 200 people. The instruments are of different measures so that all the assistants can carry out the activity without any type of problem.

Structure of the session: 30 minutes of assembly by the technical STAFF of the Galeta percussió.

  • 20 minutes to help the placement of the instruments to the users, distribution of sticks and clubs.
  • 10-15 min basic technique of the instrument.
  • 1 hour of rhythm and movement.
  • 30 minutes of final and disassembly.

What we will work: 1. Rhythm

2. Team work.

3. Staging and movement.

4. Basic technique for percussing the instrument.

The objectives are: learn to play in a batucada, have a good time with your family, play an instrument in a fun and participative way.